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2019 SPFBL In-Town (House Recreation) Registration Links:

Prek K


1st Grade:

2nd Grade

3rd/4th Grade

5th - 6th Grade

7th  - 10th


2019 Travel Tryouts Registration Links:

For player interested in trying out for the 2018 Travel teams ages 7U thru 12U. See below links for your age. (Middle School Aged teams communication will be separate in the future)
Registration for Travel tryouts in December for 7U thru 12U are open now

Links below


This is a tryout for the Competitive (non-recreational) baseball teams that will be representing Scotch Plains - Fanwood through the Winter, Early Spring, Summer and Baseball Seasons in 2019

As we prepare for the upcoming travel baseball season, SPFBL would like to share a minor change,  technically a tweak from prior years. Basically giving the families the choice (for those kids impacted that have a young birthday for their grade  see below)

After discussing these changes with parents, coaches, the League, and players the following will take place for the upcoming travel tryout and thereafter. Similar to our House program, travel baseball will move more towards a grade base program but providing an Age option for those with eligible birthdays. Please note, this option is for only those players whose birthday is after the current cutoff of April 30 th

  • Parents of players  who are born after the current cutoff date of April 30 th will be given the option (to be decided prior to annual travel tryouts)
  • Each year the option will open up again (not between spring / summer season) but calendar year
  • When declaring which tryout to attend, the decision cannot be changed during the season and/or after teams have been announced.  I.e. if a player decides to play 11U and makes the 11U B team, he/she cannot request to play 10UA

Grade based:

1st Grade = 7U

2nd Grade = 8U

3rd Grade = 9U

4th Grade = 10U

5th Grade = 11U

6th Grade = 12U

7th Grade = 13U and so on.

Age Chart (attached) for those young birthdays - some players may have the option of playing their grade outlined above in the Grade based data OR play down an age group. For example a 3 rd grader (Usually 9U) that was born June 2010 for example would have the choice of 9U or 8U -  however this needs to be elected at the time of registration for travel tryouts.

Note players cannot play up in grade I.e. 4 th graders (10U) cannot play up in 5th grade (11U)


All players must attend the mandatory Travel Tryouts.  Teams will be formed by end of December in time for training and winter baseball leagues.  


       Player's eligible age is determined by the players age as of April 30th, 2019.

          Participation in the Travel Tryouts is mandatory for all players who wish to be placed on a Travel team.  The only exception is a player who is injured and cannot participate.

       BR Rules mandate that players are required to register, and actively participate (i.e. 60% or more) in the SPFBL 2019 Spring Recreation Season to play Travel baseball.

        Previous participation in the Raider Travel Program is not a pre-requisite for participation in the 2019 Travel Program nor does it guarantee the player a roster spot.


         The Travel baseball program is a competitive-level program which requires commitment from both the player, and the player's family.  Teams will participate in holiday tournaments throughout the Spring and Summer season (i.e. - Memorial Day, 4th of July), and depending on the league or tournaments that the team participates in, may have multiple games in a weekend, or in one day.

         Frequent schedule changes are to be expected due to weather and changing dates in leagues and tournaments, so players and parents must plan to be flexible.  Prompt and regular attendance is a must for all Travel players.  Parents must plan summer vacations to avoid conflict with practices and games.

       Participation in another spring sport is not prohibited, but, priority shall be given to the Travel baseball program.

        For Travel Teams, vacations should be planned not to coincide with district / state / regional tournaments.  For most teams, this may result in an extended season through end of July 2019 - early August for Cooperstown teams.


        Travel teams will be formed at each age group depending on the number of players, the skill level of the players, and the availability of Coaches and Managers.  

      Teams are usually limited to 11 or 12 players to maximize the play time.

     Not all players may make a travel team, though every effort will be made to accommodate the maximum number of players into the travel program.

   Tryouts will be conducted by professional independent baseball evaluators.. Players will be placed on a team based on the tryouts and the resulting player rankings and the previous year's coaches input and/or statistics. 

Registration for Recreation & Travel programs will be opening this week - more communication to come.

Any questions or if need clarity on the options if any for your player let us know  this tweak will only impact about 10-12% of the players in the program.

Age Chart:








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